A Creative Journey Begins

I have not been well and feel I have been lead to a creative journey to help me deal with my emotions and express them and convey and explore who I am and wish to be and put it out there to anyone who cares to look.

I have started with two poems for you to read.

The Dolphin

The dolphin she swims amongst the waves of the deep great ocean.

Her fete, she does not know.

However, this does not trouble her,

for she knows instinctively that no harm can come,

and if it were to come in her passage

she would be strong enough to ride its course.

Her faith in herself, in her life and all that is,

keeps her from fears brutal sword.



Strangely enough I wrote that dolphin poem amongst my most painful and fearful moments. I did not feel strong, nor did I feel I could go on, nor did I feel I would be able to deal with life. Yet something somewhere inside still did have faith and did believe in me.


White Wolf

White wolf calls me to remember my grief,

not to dwell on it,

as if it were me and all I am.

Grief is a strong emotion,

however it is not my soul, spirit or personality.

My true essence is more than this grief I am experiencing.

Walk the gauntlet, knowing that the white wolf guides me on this journey.







Art as a healing tool

I am sorry I haven’t been around for a several months. I have been travelling my journey and not felt I have had anything to share to benefit anyone. BUt today I feel I do so here it is.

I have personally found art a very healing tool after difficult times in my life and to continually use to stay positive and let myself be creative and expressive of my feelings when talking alone does not help me. I must explain I am NOT an artist. I am creative but have no training in art. I just use art to help me be happy and so can you! No talent in art  is required.

Don’t rush yourself, this time is for you and the process is the important aspect of art therapy not the result you see. I don’t always keep my art work. Sometimes if I am letting go of hurtful memories I actually rip up the paper I drew or wrote on and dispose of it.

Exercise 1 Some of you Australians will remember Mr Squiggle, how he had an upside down doodle that children sent in for him to complete. This is an amazing way to become creative. Try it but do it more simply. Fristly, doodle on a piece of paper. Secondly,  use that doodle to begin to draw a picture. It doesn’t need to look real, it can be symbolic. Don’t think too much, just draw what first comes to mind or just allow your pencil to lead you. THis is not about being a good artist, it is about being creative and letting yourself go. Notice any thoughts, feelings or ideas that come to mind. Anything that is a worry, tell yourself that now is the time to let it go because you will think about that later. Notice any thoughts or feelings that come up during the process.   At the end of the exercise write down anything that came up for you during the time.

Exercise 2 If you have paints you can use them for this exercise or water colour pencils. Otherwise textas, coloured pencils or crayons are fine. You may even like to put on a piece of muisc for this exercise. Grab the first colour that intrigues you and use that one. Close your eyes and begin to create on your paper. Be aware of the movement of your hand as you create. Notice any thoughts or feelings that come up during the process. Again at the end of the exercise write about your experience if you desire.

Exercise 3 Write down on your piece of paper a word or short sentence about how you are feeling or what you are thinking about, for example, angry, excited about wedding. THen take your colour medium (pencil, paint etc) and begin to allow yourself to express that thought or feeling on the page with symbols, doodles, pictures, more words, anything really. YOu may feel you need to change colour at any given time or write in pen or pencil. Do whatever helps you. IF listening to music helps do that. If part way through getting up and dancing, moving helps do that. There are no restrictions here just ideas for you to try.

After using even these three exercises regularly you can find that you are getting to know yourself and letting your hand guide you by way of your subconscious.





So what do you do when this illness happens to someone you care about?

For me it was first shock, disbelief, numbness

Using TV to distract myself so I didn’t have to process this awful news

Then reality sits in and I cried, got a hug from my dear mum

Txt friends to pray for my aunt

Fb my aunt cos she lives half way round the world to tell her I have people praying for her and that she is a tough woman so she can beat it.

Then I release the heavy burden I feel to God, by

Drawing my feelings and thoughts

Taking the energy I have in my body and expressing myself through movement

I recite a Archangel Michael ritual that helps me focus on strength and courage as these are some of this angel’s attributes. Archangel Michael is also meant to mean “as like God”


What I drew as a vent and a prayer after hearing the news my aunt has breast cancer.