A Creative Journey Begins

I have not been well and feel I have been lead to a creative journey to help me deal with my emotions and express them and convey and explore who I am and wish to be and put it out there to anyone who cares to look.

I have started with two poems for you to read.

The Dolphin

The dolphin she swims amongst the waves of the deep great ocean.

Her fete, she does not know.

However, this does not trouble her,

for she knows instinctively that no harm can come,

and if it were to come in her passage

she would be strong enough to ride its course.

Her faith in herself, in her life and all that is,

keeps her from fears brutal sword.



Strangely enough I wrote that dolphin poem amongst my most painful and fearful moments. I did not feel strong, nor did I feel I could go on, nor did I feel I would be able to deal with life. Yet something somewhere inside still did have faith and did believe in me.


White Wolf

White wolf calls me to remember my grief,

not to dwell on it,

as if it were me and all I am.

Grief is a strong emotion,

however it is not my soul, spirit or personality.

My true essence is more than this grief I am experiencing.

Walk the gauntlet, knowing that the white wolf guides me on this journey.