The preciousness of nature

Nature is not only all that is visible to the eye…

it also includes the inner pictures of the soul.

Edvard Munch

Have you ever thought of nature as being this way?

What are your inner pictures of the soul?

What makes your soul sing or soar?

When I look at amazing photographs, or think of my dear niece, this makes my heart soar.  When I sit amongst a tree I feel connected to nature, the great Divine and at home. I get inspiration, motivated, feel at peace and wisdom. I love being amongst trees. Once while sitting under a weeping willow I felt great comfort. I felt enclosed in a safe place, as if I was remembering a place of a former life or my childhood. It felt like home.  Do you have a place where you feel most at home? Let me know in your comment.

A little poem I wrote:

Plum, Plum my glorious plum tree

I honour you my friend

Your death is nearing,  just as I get to know you

Your branches are cracking, the time will come when you will be chopped

But for now I see how what you can teach me

You teach me that despite being cracked and imperfect your beauty shines out to the world

Just like you I am imperfect but I have an inner beauty that I can show to the world

Outside beauty will fade and faults will be revealed but still beauty can be found if you just look.

Thank you my dear friend. What a great lesson to learn form you.


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