A wise owl’s tale

Picture fOund at

You are so wise, so listen to yourself. pray alot and worry a little. take firm steps that follow me. laugh alot and cry when needed. feel the depths of love and pain but rise again to face a new day. take your heart to mountains high and take many others to fly with you.

A small piece of creative writing that the Divine passed onto me this morning as I looked at this wise picture of the owl and felt what message was being conveyed to me.

Thanks to the great Divine and thanks to Gralyn for posting this picture up on facebook for me to see and ponder on.

Greetings to all.

Does anyone ponder on a picture and receive wisdom or inspiration? I’d like to hear what you discover.


6 thoughts on “A wise owl’s tale

  1. Greetings to you too and congratulations to which ever award you will receive. I do have an owl that I look at everyday. I wish I could hear the owl call my name.

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