Emerald Energy

Emerald Energy

Stare at this awhile and see what comes to you. Write down any notes afterwards. Now stare at it again. THen look at a blank wall or close your eyes and see what happens. Make notes again. Share with me what you have experienced.


One thought on “Emerald Energy

  1. I noticed that the emerald green made me think of peace, I also felt my eyes drooping and I feel even more tired than I did when I started (though it is after 11pm). It was difficult to begin with as I wasn’t in the mood to be still. I felt like giving up quickly and going to bed. I also felt knots in my stomach resurfacing like I have been feeling alot today. As I try to relax I notice the tension in my body and realise it is difficult to relax right now. But then I hear my own voice (but more gentler than usual) saying relax, find peace, you are safe here. Then I hear a Divine voice say, you have us here. We will guide you, there is nothing to fear. Trust us and we will fill you with great joy. You can overcome your fears and concerns, your sadness and disappointments, just relax in the arms of love from the Divine.

    I must go to bed now but I feel at peace and am so grateful for such a wonderful picture that has helped me connect with my Divine spirit tonight.

    Bless you all, Namaste

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