Goal Setting

I’ve been listening to an old cd series of  Anthony Robbins, the motivational speaker. I am finding him encouraging and defintely helping me keep on track with my goals.

He says that to encourage us to do the things we want to do we need to be aware of the pain if we don’t do those things we wish to do and the amazing happiness we will experience if we do in fact do them.  You can also look at what benefit you are getting from not doing them. There must be some reason you are not doing those  things or you would have already done them.

1.  List the pain you experience or may in the future from not doing one particular task or activity.  Pain from not doing something motivates us to take action. Disappointment can help us take action. See disappointment as lack of fulfillment assisting you to push on. So for example, if you wish to make a book shelf but you have been putting it off and putting it off because you say you are always too tired, too busy, don’t have the energy, don’t have the money. List the things that would happen or are happening to you because you aren’t doing it. It maybe, I get annoyed with myself that I still haven’t done it, my wife keeps bugging me to do it and that annoys me, we haven’t got books on shelves in our house they are just lying on the floor and I hate how that looks.

2.Write down the fulfilment you will experience when you do it.  In the case of the book shelf, the husband may feel a sense of accomplishment, a house with books on a shelf instead of on the floor which makes him and his wife happier, they both read more books. It’s a win win situation for the both of them.

3. Write down the reasons or the beneifts from not doing the thing you want to do. In the case of building the book shelf it maybe that the husband knows it will cost money and he is afraid to spend it, he is afraid that he will not do a good job and look foolish, have wasted the money and be disappointed with himself. So instead of trying he doesn’t bother building the book shelf.

Now you have got to ensure the benefits outway the cost or you will continue to delay or procrastinate. If your benefits don’t outway the cost then you gotta look harder. I know, I hear you say “how annoying, do I have to do this again? ” Well if you really want this you will find a reason to do what you know you want to do.

I wish you well, God Bless. Let me know how your plans go.



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