What to do now?

I am currently working through with a friend a book called The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron. Today I rediscovered a diagram I have used previously to way up where my life is uneven. In other words to see in a visual manner what areas of my life need improvement if I am to be fulfilled. Here is a link to a website that includes a perfect example of the chart which the blogger calls the circle of life. http://blog.ivman.com/connection-vs-closeness/

Using this diagram you can place a dot in each section with 1 being the furthest from the middle and 10 being the closest. 10= you are content with this aspect of your life 1= you are far as possible from fulfillment. When you have placed a dot in each section then connect your dots together. You will be able to see where your life looks unbalanced. Expect that it will be lopsided because when humans focus on one aspect of one’s life then another often is not being attended to so closely. So don’t feel bad if you have some 1’s or 2’s for example. This just lets you know what areas need working on.

Now pick just one area to work on. Most likely the area with the lowest number. Now it is time to think about how you could spend even five minutes to nurture this side of yourself especially if you rarely do. You can write it down and place in a prominent spot. I want to……… For example if your nutrition is low at the moment you may write I want to eat one healthy meal this week which will be a stir fry.

Another helpful activity that can help you decide where you are needing to nurture yourself is to make a list of the things you enjoy. Write next to each one the approximate date that you last engaged in this activity. When that is done, cast your eye down the list and see which one you would really like to do again. If your thought is, “I can’t possibly do that, I don’t have the time nor the money,” is there something along those lines you could do. For example if you wrote as an activity surfing, could you go to your local lake or go skateboarding to give you a similar experience? Could you also watch tv programs or go to youtube.com and see surfers catching a wave. Be creative by exploring your options.


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