The Body Has Wisdom- Interplay

Did you know your body knows stuff your mind doesn’t?

By moving your body and letting it lead you into movements, positions and stillness that you don’t encounter in your everyday life, you can realise things about yourself that you didn’t realise before. I have come back from a body wisdom workshop that encourages participates to let their body do the talking if you wish for a better word. What I mean is the body lets you know how it wants to move and as you move and then reflect on what you have just done you learn about aspects of yourself and your world and even solve problems and heal wounds.

I know this may be hard for some of you to believe and I am not saying it will happen for you the first time. But I know it’s true cos I have heard feedback from other participants that have gained healing from these workshops.

Check out, Try to remember or jot down some of the ideas from this video of what you may like to do with the exercise you are about to do.

Exercise 1: Put on some music with no words. If you have none go to and find some there. Then just close your eyes and get lost in the music. YOu may wish to look away from the screen or close your eyes. If you like the pictures or they inspire and calm you then go ahead and watch the video as you move around.   If anything  is not comfortable for your body, then do not do it. Let your body show you what it wants. If you don’t know. Just do something and at some point you will try less to do the “right” thing and will stop feeling conscientious and just enjoy the feeling of moving your body.

Grounding: Take a deep breath and then another. And wriggle out that energy that you used from that exercise. Now move your feet into the ground, like squishing tomatoes on the ground. Tap your feet into the ground.

Reflection: Think about what you enjoyed about this exercise? What did it bring up for you? How did you feel or what did you notice about it?

Exercise 2: Can be done the next day or straight after exercise 1 Watch this video

This time put on some music (again with no words).  This time dance/move for a few moments then be still. I want you to say a few words that describes a problem you are facing right now. Move/dance again and then be still a second time. THis time talk about how it feels or what you notice about what it’s like once the problem is solved. Then repeat the second step again.

Reflection: Think about what you enjoyed about this exercise? Did it help you see the problem differently? How did you feel or what did you notice about it?

I’d love some feedback from you.

If you want to know more about body wisdom and interplay check it out at youtube and type in or find the website at


2 thoughts on “The Body Has Wisdom- Interplay

  1. I go once a month if I can though it hasn’t been as often as late. Interplay started in San Francisco by a lady called Cynthia Winton-Henry. She is a lovely lady who I had the pleasure of meeting last year. I think it is so great to get lost in your own dancing that you aren’t conscientious of what you are doing. I guess that is what is like for folks who get in the zone in whatever they are doing that time just passes and they don’t realise it and nothing else around them is noticed.

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