Dreams and manifesting

Isn’t it interesting when someone you love tells you a goal they have and it intertwines with yours just nicely?! I felt a great inner “woo hoo” in my spirit when I discovered that my brother wants to own a farm and provide  healing services out there as well as a sustainable home and tavern. We don’t know all the details but it has spurred me onto wanting to save more and learn more about what healing modalities to learn so that I can be apart of this dream of both of ours.

After discovering this similar goal that my brother and I share I decided to give manifestation a try again. You know the techniques where you imagine your life the way you desire it to turn out and be as specific as possible and as visual as one can get. I also announced affirmations to the heavens to manifest money. The important thing too to remember was to be grateful for the small beginnings and that is what I am doing here.

Only two days after beginning my manifestations I found two dollars. I knows it is only small change but I am grateful for the small things cos as everyone knows from little things big things grow. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tHEGo-g3mw

Also that same night I was given a free drink by the bartender at the night club. How often does someone have that happen to them? So I am keen to keep manifesting and affirming to myself. “Lots of money is coming to me.”  Great advice comes from Doreen Virtue and Louise Hay that we don’t need to feel guilty about getting money when it is to be used for the good of others and the dreams of the heart that are given to us from the Divine. It seems obvious when I write it here. But I have sabotaged myself thinking money was bad because if I think about it that will make me materialistic or greedy. I can see it now from a different perspective: when money is used for good then how can it possibly be bad. I want to thank the Divine for showing me the way.


Question: Do you manifest? If so how do you do it? If not, why not?



2 thoughts on “Dreams and manifesting

  1. It is good to read about your brothers dream and yours. Fantastic idea! Yes I have also read Louise Hay about affirmations and use them daily. Also Tim Mc Auley’s book “All about me”, I just finished, gives the same advice. I have not quite managed to master the money issue for myself. Still to add early this year I also did pray for help and the next Sunday I got an envelope with money from a church member, to help me out. I am struggling financially but I just get by with not having any desires but the necessities. I don’t think money is bad, we need it to live and it depends how you use it and what you make of it.
    Manifestations and affirmatnos do work as I have done it for the last year on a daily basis and have had big changes in myself. They are helping tremedously. So lets continue to do them!

    • ute
      that really is gr8 news that your daily affirmations have been so succesful for you. i am sure as u unblock the reason for your money issues then the flow of it will increase for you. sometimes we think we are being selfish, or don’t deserve money. especially if we are religous or spiritual.


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