Cloud Meditation

Watch the your worries drift away like clouds

As I looked out my window this wintry afternoon as I snuggled up in my bed with my head cold and headache in full swing, I noticed the clouds slowly drifting past my window.

Recently some problems of my past were rearing their ugly head when suddenly it came to me that I could use the clouds for a healing technique.

Step 1   Write down any thoughts or feelings that are disturbing you

Step 2 Tell your self that these feelings and thoughts are much like clouds in the sky, floating away from your life. It helps to either imagine the thoughts or emotions as the clouds or observe the clouds in the real sky drifting away with your worries. It may go something like this “the clouds of <insert worries> are floating across the sky and away from me into the ever capable hands of the Divine. Now the sky is clearing and I have a new perspective and a new way to enjoy life.

I found this very useful today for disturbing and unhelpful thoughts. If you are not religious or spiritual you probably won’t want to use the Divine part but please don’t discount all of it, just omit what doesn’t work for you.

You may also find this meditation useful for people who bother you or have left a scar on your heart. Insert their names where you would otherwise have said your thoughts and emotions.

Let me know if you do this and how it went for you

Now that your worries are gone, let the blue sky and sun shine on you throughout this day


2 thoughts on “Cloud Meditation

  1. I have done this for many years. I insert Creator for Divine, but it’s definitely spiritual either way and quite healing. I have also written them on paper, burnt the paper outdoors, and when the ashes are cold, let the wind carry them away.

    • Stephen, I also take my negative written thoughts and burn them. I never thought of letting them blow away in the wind, I just bury them in the ground. THanks for your comment. Appreciate it. 🙂

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