So what do you do when this illness happens to someone you care about?

For me it was first shock, disbelief, numbness

Using TV to distract myself so I didn’t have to process this awful news

Then reality sits in and I cried, got a hug from my dear mum

Txt friends to pray for my aunt

Fb my aunt cos she lives half way round the world to tell her I have people praying for her and that she is a tough woman so she can beat it.

Then I release the heavy burden I feel to God, by

Drawing my feelings and thoughts

Taking the energy I have in my body and expressing myself through movement

I recite a Archangel Michael ritual that helps me focus on strength and courage as these are some of this angel’s attributes. Archangel Michael is also meant to mean “as like God”


What I drew as a vent and a prayer after hearing the news my aunt has breast cancer.

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