Dancing/moving in your prayer life

Have you ever tried moving or dancing while talking/communing with the Divine? When there are no words to speak moving my body can be very helpful when I am having difficult expressing what I feel or think. Or even at times when I have plenty to say I may dance and sing to God.


When I do this special kind of prayer I find inner peace or strength.

Try it yourself. What I write next is just a suggestion if you need it. Put on some music if you desire with no words. Think of the one you are praying for or the intention of this time you have put aside for yourself and God/the ONE. You may like to include words or mantra or just do your moving/dancing with the music or silence. DO what feels comfortable for you.


holding up your hands


spinning around in a circle

stamping feet

flicking arms away from your body to move the thoughts or feelings that you have stored in your body away from you and for the Divine to deal with.

placing hands over your heart

reaching up to sky/heavens

looking upward

crouching down low

moving around on the floor (can be very grounding)

hands in prayer position

If at the beginning you feel uneasy, don’t be concerned, this often happens when people try new things. After some practice you won’t feel so uncomfortable. It’s all about letting go of your inhibitions and ego and letting yourself be you, without judging how you are doing. Remember God isn’t judging you, he/she is enjoying the fact that you have turned up today to be with him/her.


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