Finding your life’s purpose

What makes you feel a hundred percent alive and happy? What is it that you do that times seems to go by so fast you can hardly believe it? What is it then when you talk about it you smile so much nobody can take that smile away? Whatever that thing is that has you feeling that way is what you need to spend more time doing!! It seems pretty obvious doesn’t it now that I have  said it. So how do you find out what that thing is when you don’t know what it is?

If you still need some help ponder these questions

What was it when you were young that you dreamed of doing when you were older?

What is it that people ask you for advice about?

What is it that you dream about but think “oh no not that, maybe one day?”

Is there a hobby you love that gives you great satisfaction?

What is it that people say you are good at?

What subjects did you enjoy at school or college/university?

Don’t just think about these things write them down.

Is there a commone theme?

Now think about the first step to starting this dream life? What could it be? Just one thing. Don’t try jumping to the end step or step 8, just the very first thing. It maybe believing that you are worthy of having this dream. Or maybe it is spending 10 minutes a day on your favourite hobby. Start small. Tiny steps are easier than a few giant ones that cause stress.

Try something today and tell me what it is if you care to share. If not at least write it down for your own eyes to see.


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