Angels and Spirit Guides

Do you have spirit guides or do you communicate with angels? This post starts what I hope will be a safe place where people will share their stories of communication from the other side. The last few weeks I have interesting associattions with Archangels Raziel, Sentaphon/Sandalphon, Chamael/ Chamuel, Gabriel and Michael.

This is what I was told

Archangel Sandalphon: Transformation through interdependancy, the transmutation of negativity at a conscious level, while I bring a new level of co-operation from within to be in touch with the angels.

Archangel Chamael: Life sitations are as they are. Don’t try and be in control of everything. Try to acknowledge that it is how it is and know I will get through any tough times. Archangel Chamael brings awareness of new beginninsg for love and a  new order of being.

Archangel Michael: Surrender of my will to the divine will. Facilitates moving from a state of hope to a state of faith as all judgements  and attachments are surrendered to live in accordance with the divine plan.

Archangel Gabriel: This angel gives unconditional divine love and acceptance. I can be a vehicle of grace that is given by the Divine One. Ancient wisdom and inner teaching can be developed and shared with others from me.

I found this all very encourging. What messages have you gained lately from your source of divinity?


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