Walking/wheelchair meditation

I had some interest from viewers of the 5 minute meditation so I thought I’d continue with that line of thought. I was reading a cheap ebook which if you have an ereader you may wish to grab  or you can download it onto your comp from

This ebook expresses an idea that I naturally do when I go for walks but not all people do I suppose. The idea is a walking meditation using your wheel chair or mode of transport apart from a car or something you can crash. What this means is to observe things along your walk  which you typically do not notice. So first decide on a walk where you know you will observe some nature eg nice trees, beautiful bird song, water or flowers. During your meditation try and use as many of your senses as you possibly can. Look for what is happening in trees or low on the ground, smell the flowers or herbs, touch some sand or tree bark. Listen for bird songs.

Some people call this experience being mindful as you are focussing on the here and now and not of the past or the future. You are practising the presence of NOW, this is the place where many meditators say they find the peace and stillness that quietens the mind and can help them let go of ego and ever ending desires for more stuff (that we really don’t need for our own happiness).

It seems from the reading I have done on meditation, it helps us let go of the unimportant stuff in life and rediscover and fous on the essential people and things that are going to make us not just happy for a short while but content in the long run.


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