5 minute relaxation every hour, every day

Do you find it difficult to meditate or relax due to time restrictions or it being just plan hard to quiet oneself down after a very busy day? Well what about trying short snippets of calm throughout the day. Try every hour or two when you go to the toilet for example. Taking several deep breaths, (yes you can do this while sitting on the loo). As you breathe in focus on something you desire for example peace or imagine your favourite place or person. As you breathe out imagine any fears, pain or angst drifting out of your limbs and flying away or being absorbed by the ground.

This is a very quick and easy way to relax for a few minutes many times a day.

IMPORTANT: While you are doing this try very hard to focus your attention on your breathing and not on your worries. Remember this is time out for you. Tell any annoying thoughts that you will pay attention to them shortly but not just now. YOu may like to imagine kicking them away or have them bounce away like balls.


3 thoughts on “5 minute relaxation every hour, every day

  1. Thanks for posting this. Its interesting because the meditation practice I adhere to in Steps to Knowledge recommends an “hourly” practice… I stop on the hour to listen within, to see what I know or how I’m doing. Its part of a larger meditation practice but its something everyone can do to recenter and become still – even if for a moment. One hour at a time. Thanks!

  2. Hey Tam. As it happens, I’m reading a book right now on this very subject. It’s called “The Happiness Trap” by Russ Harris. I can also highly recommend a series of podcasts from Oxford university published through iTunes U, called “The new psychology of depression”. This last series helped me really appreciate the purpose and value of meditative practice. There’s some great stuff out there.

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