Love Languages: How do you feel loved?

There a several broad catergories of how people feel loved.


Positive messages: verbal and written



Quaility Time

Think about what makes you feel the most loved. Is it when someone touches you or gives you a hug? Is it when someone writes you a kind letter or says nice things to you? Is it gifts that are specially chosen that you really like? Is it when someone does a job for you without being asked to do it?  Is it spending quality time with the people you love?

It maybe several of these and is most likely not only one. Also be sure to ask your loved ones these same questions so that you know the best way to love them. Guys: Does your girlfriend really want you to buy her another boquet of flowers (gift) or would she prefer you give her a poem (positive messages)? Ask her which she would find more romantic. Gals: would your guy prefer tickets to his favourite sports game (gift)or would he prefer to go to his favourite location withyou (quality time)?

I hope this can help you figure out what love language you have and what your partner has. You of course can do this with your kids too. Does your child prefer you making her bed for her (service) or does she get a thrill when you teach her how to play the piano (quality time)?


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