Acting lovingly

Hi there folks,

I am borrowing this from a friend of mine David Moffatt who gladly said I could quote him in my blog.

” Just because you’ve done one unloving thing or thought about it or wanted to do it doesn’t write you off as a potentially loving person.  Loving is a present state of being, not an historical record. I might have caused injury in the past, but truly regretting it, I can strive to love NOW.”

Yes indeed folks remember our past doesn’t have to determine our future. I can slowly but surely, step by step change my behaviour with alot of help from the Divine (my belief, not pushing God onto anyone so don’t run away). Each time I adjust my belief or refuse to take part in a habit that I detest, but instead think and take positive action on a regular basis, the more I see myself changing into the person I want to be. So for example, I find myself thinking “gosh i’m unlovable” I say to myself “wait wait a minute that aint true or thought go out and play in the back yard I am gonna only be hanging around with nice thoughts”. ”

Returning to David’s quote, “But the other side of the coin is that loving actions in the past cannot absolve me for misdeeds in the present moment. That just means that I WAS loving then. Nether can I appeal to promises to become loving in the future. Such a promise will be empty until practised in the moments to come. My only concern is to be loving in the now. That is the only kind of loving that really matters.”

So the present moment really matters, doesn’t it? People will appreciate one’s loving attitude that one had in the past but if  one hurts someone  now they may not neccesserily think of one’s past loving thoughts and forgive one. The now is what we are living well, NOW and so being loving at any given moment is important, as is of course receiving love.

So, please remember to love as much as you are able, tell people you love them, show them you love them. And tell people how you like to be loved: a smile, a hug, a kiss, cleaning the bathroom, a walk down the lake, bbq, a special gift, a appreciative note. People receive love in many ways so a hug means more to one person than another and some may not feel loved when you clean the bathroom but another will know you really care. So tell people what you need and ask them too.

Next blog: Love languages: how do you feel loved?


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