Searching for the next step

I had a urgent nagging feeling (appearing as a blockage I could physically feel mid point under rib cage) that I needed to be doing something  towards my life purpose but I didn’t  know what it was. This nagging feeling was inside of me  alot of the time for the last 3 weeks or so. It was so annoying.  Has anyone had this before and what did you do to help yourself and allow the divine to help you?

I had been searching/seeking the internet trying to find something where I would have that ‘aha’ moment and I’d just know with no question that that was what I needed to do. Well that aha moment did not come while searching on the internet. It came while I was in an alternative style bookshop. I turned left for no apparent reason and saw some books and then asked the divine to help me find what I needed. Well there was the right book for me straight away: Writing the Divine: How to Use Channeling for Soul Growth and Healing. Of course at the time I didnt really know why I needed it but it sounded interesting. So I found out the price and bought it along with another small book on self reiki.

Before I continue I better explain what channel writing is. It’s being able to connect to the divine/higher self/God/Goddess/the Source, the One, Universe whatever you call it so that you hear what is being said to you and you write it down. It’s basically getting into a place of quiet peace (rather like meditation) and asking for what you need to hear and waiting for the answer to come.

That same night I checked out my new Writing the Divine book and had a gr8 experience with my dip into the divine to see if I could connect and write down anything that happened or any words that I might get. After I did a short exercise for less than 10 minutes I realised I had done this before. THis time it felt much easier and didn’t tell myself “this must be wrong. GOd doesn’t talk to people like this. You are imagining this.” I think it can really come in handy reading a book with the author easing you into an area that kinda spooks you out or concerns you. It’s like by someone else helping me I am able to give myself permission to do this and it feels good.

That evening I discovered that indeed I do need to write this blog and I will sometime in the future conduct workshops. I feel I am on track again though really I never was off it just felt that way. I feel reenergised and happier to be alive.


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