The root of all suffering is desire- Buddha

Laughing Buddha
Does he laugh perhaps because he has been released from desire for things/people or the need for events to occur as he wants?

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The root of ALL suffering is desire. -Buddha

Do you agree with this? To some extent I do. When we desire something so much all our focus can be on that thing and we can easily lose sight of what we do have and can be grateful for. I know when I really really want something I can become miserable because I don’t have it and want it so bad.

On the otherhand desiring something can motivate us to take action to gain that thing. If we didn’t want anything would we ever take action? Would we ever do something for someone else? I think if we spend too much focussing on the outcome that we desire we miss the enjoyment of the journey towards that thing. I know that’s what I easily find myself doing. What do you guys reckon?


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