A Journey Within


Sometimes someone in our life really hurts us and that’s what happened to me in late 2010.  Before I get into that story let me explain something. I am an empath (the capacity to recognize and, to some extent, share feelings that are being experienced by another ) and this means I am sensitive and can easily be affected by what other people are going through or saying to me or to other people around me.
Remembering this, I experienced a time only in 2010 when my dance teacher a couple of days before a large perfomance yelled at us telling us we all were really bad (kids and all) and we better improve. After the following day of stuffing up on stage I  pulled out and never went back to that dance school.  I was imagining the reaction of  the teacher, mentioning my name in front of everyone and humiliating me. I know it was only my imagination but it was enough to keep me from performing at the concert. The teacher had a good reason for being in a bad mood but nontheless it hurt me badly and I had another pressure on me at the time so I just went emotionally down hill. I had to stop working and get my feet back on the ground. It’s amazing what words can do to a spirit that doen”t fundamentally love itself.
So now I feel the divine has directed me to a new path of spirituality away from the religousity of my teenage years. I am slowly moving towards a place of self love and I have had much help from Reiki healing (it uses a technique commonly called palm healing or hands on healing as a form of complementary therapy) with my wonderful healing lady Ellie.
Emotional, spiritual healing all takes a long time (possibly more than one life time, but only time will tell). I must say it’s rather tiring but I am developing lots of  tools to help me work towards self acceptance and self love. These are some of the things I wish to share with you as it is my hope I can help others. Please share with me how these have helped you otherwise I won’t believe there is any point to me spending my time here. Your  own life story is welcome too if you feel inclined. We are all in this journey in life together so if we can’t help each other what is the point of being here.
Since that horrible time in 2010 I have been experiencing new things and I think I can honestly say overall I am improving. However, it doesn’t mean one doesn’t have hard times. In fact today was one of those terrible days when my mind was on negative overdrive cos I had to wake up so early. I really hated myself and only thinking of how much my 4 year old niece loves me kept me going.
In the afternoon I had a chat to my awesome neighbour who I’ve known for at least 10 years. She listened to me and gave some great advice:
Remember that you are doing the best you can on that particular day. At the end of the day remember that too and that tommorrow will probably be better.

3 thoughts on “A Journey Within

  1. Great advice from your neighbour!We can’t undo what’s been done,but we can certainly learn from it.Berating ourselves is a futile exercise,but one so many of us have fallen into the habit of doing.Self acceptance is key to loving oneself.Expanding from the heart centre,and loving every part of who we are is something to strive for.If there’s a part that you’re not happy with,send it love,heal it and release it.Easier said than done,but possible with persistance.
    Every experience we have is an opportuntity to learn something.Even the hard and painful ones.A few years ago I went through an extremely painful experience,which will stay with me forever.A part of my soul died then.I’d ike it back,but I
    ‘m not sure how to get it back again.I’ve looked objectively at the situation and what I can learn from it.Beautiful angels assist me in the healing process and keep my spirit buoyed when it sinks.Throughout this process I’ve been blessed with divine guidance and love.I truly believe in our capacity to heal ourselves and each other.Angels make it possible to see the light,illuminate,when darkness is near.Trust and love yourself,and know you are never alone.Be blessed by angelic love! 😉

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