A Full Moon Ritual

Today is a full moon so I decided to participate in my own private ritual of letting go of feelings, people, attitudes and life circumstances that I am finding unhelpful to hold onto. This is what some people do on a full moon night.

I wrote down all the things that I felt I didn’t want hindering me in my life anymore as just mentioned above. I got my favourite scented candle and a bowl full of water.

I burnt the paper with the things written down on it with the candle and covered it with dirt in a hole in the ground. I washed my hands clean. All this represents letting go of what no longer serves me and feeling washed to begin a new stage of being.

To be honest I felt revived afterwards and grateful to the Divine for the love I found from him/her.




Will you follow me?

Will you follow me when I am lost?

Will you hold me tight when I don’t know my own name?

Will you love me when I have no love to give?

When I am at a point of death, will you still be mine?

I hope so.

Mystery Box

My Mystery Box
A large mystery box is a curious thing
Nothing inside, nor covered in anything.
But once I begin what a creation I can make!
My creative magic can begin.
I paint  it here and paint it there with colors of rainbow proportions,
Now there’s something more special about this mystery box.

What shall I place inside there today I ask myself?
Today it shall be an affirmation card.
It reads “I have the strength I need for today.”
Thank you mystery box for being a vessel
To create something unique for me today.

Image from http://www.stockvault.net

Good days bad days

From yoursuccessinpirer.com

One day comes and is so good; Another day comes and is so bad; Whether good or bad,it passes away. Accept each day the way it comes. And you thank God it came at all.

Source: Good days bad days

My response after I read this poem:

When the days is all but gone,

What can I say at all?


What words passed from my lips this day?

Have I said a kind word at all?

What words did I receive into my heart?

What dance will my heart leap tonight?

I choose to express what I feel in song or dance

And freedom comes from that.



Lioness: Hear me roar

Hear me roar. I am the lioness of the jungle.

Hear me roar. No other like me.

Hear me roar

No longing,

Hear me roar

 No needing,

Hear me roar

No being without

Hear me roar

No criticism

Hear me roar

Just power

Hear me roar

No fear

Hear me roar

Just power

The flame ignites and I AM STRONG

I am woman hear me ROAR!!


I wrote this in a writing group that I have started attending and it just flowed from somewhere deep inside of me.Though I have been struggling in life, somewhere inside of me is this lioness figure and she  appeared in my writing.  She is empowered so I can keep on going, knowing she is there within me. Thank you my dear lioness.


Photo from http://www.stockvault.net



I discovered this butterfly on my fence in the summer and I had enough time to take the photo. I was thrilled.


I have found that enjoying the simplicities of life can lift the spirits. For me it is often  h nature when I feel most connected to the Divine or my own essence that is truly freeing and uplifting for my soul or spirit. When I  take the time to sit in nature and see what comes by like this butterfly I can calm down and feel part of something wonderful.

Please feel free to share your special moments in nature or enjoying the simple things in life.






A Creative Journey Begins

I have not been well and feel I have been lead to a creative journey to help me deal with my emotions and express them and convey and explore who I am and wish to be and put it out there to anyone who cares to look.

I have started with two poems for you to read.

The Dolphin

The dolphin she swims amongst the waves of the deep great ocean.

Her fete, she does not know.

However, this does not trouble her,

for she knows instinctively that no harm can come,

and if it were to come in her passage

she would be strong enough to ride its course.

Her faith in herself, in her life and all that is,

keeps her from fears brutal sword.



Strangely enough I wrote that dolphin poem amongst my most painful and fearful moments. I did not feel strong, nor did I feel I could go on, nor did I feel I would be able to deal with life. Yet something somewhere inside still did have faith and did believe in me.


White Wolf

White wolf calls me to remember my grief,

not to dwell on it,

as if it were me and all I am.

Grief is a strong emotion,

however it is not my soul, spirit or personality.

My true essence is more than this grief I am experiencing.

Walk the gauntlet, knowing that the white wolf guides me on this journey.